COVID-19 Guidelines

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Adopted July 2020

In an effort to comply with both our Commonwealth’s and CDC requirements and in order that we may operate in this current climate, our Board of Directors has come up with the following guidelines. We are attempting to offer our patrons and participants a safe and compliant atmosphere.

The following is an outline of some of the protocols and procedures that we will implement as we phase into this new and daunting time of reopening.

1. We will clean and sanitize our facility thoroughly using guidelines for public buildings. We will keep the theatre closed to the public in between gatherings and cleanings.

2. We will ensure that any actor on stage will maintain a minimum distance of 12 feet from the nearest audience member at any time.

3. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the theatre and patrons will be required to use same at entry; all patrons will be asked to wear face masks – not only for their protection, but for others.

4. Advance tickets only at this time – until further notice will be available using our website. Social distancing seating will be adhered to and only up to 30 patrons for any one performance will be allowed in our auditorium until further notice.

5. Patrons will be seated by ONE usher at the point of entry and others will be seated as they arrive. No gatherings at the door or lobby will be permitted. In the event of inclement weather, we ask that you be prepared to remain outside or social distance yourself until you are motioned to come be seated.

Please be prepared for the theatre to be slightly cool, as we attempt to keep the air moving for circulation. Come prepared as you see fit.

Once seated, we ask that you remain seated until intermission and at that time make every effort to have little social contact. IF you need to use the rest rooms, please attempt to come and go with only 1 person at a time using the facility with Social distancing lines.

All Programs/Playbills will be in your seat – please take it with you when you leave.

6. There will be no “meet and greet” line to which we have become accustomed. We ask that you exit “row to row” in an orderly manner led by an usher and exit the theatre with no gathering or lingering in the lobby areas.

We know these guidelines are lengthy and some may be unwieldy and uncomfortable. But we hope by adhering to them we can continue to offer you some respite from these trying and anxious times.

Thanks very much for your attention and cooperation.