The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne                 – Sofie Farmer

Mr. Frank         – Walter Eng

Mrs. Frank        – Lori Shepherd

Margot              – Katlyn Hundley

Mr. Van Daan   – Darell Rickmers

Mrs. Van Daan – Robin Voss

Peter                  – Elijah Brown

Mr. Dussel         – Stephen Lanham

Mr. Kraler          – John Andrew Dixon

Miep                   –  Brittany Beedy

Directed by Jan Sheffield

Production Dates: April 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22

PLEASE NOTE: When selecting tickets for the show please note Row A has changed. We are adding a thrust to the stage for this show so the center of Row A will not be there, we are moving it to the side in front of Row B. The seating numbers will change. The theater will be set up like this, where the red portion is the stage:

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If you like Front Row Center, chose Row B 9 – 14 for Diary of Anne Frank. 




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