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Dr. West T. Hill
Dr. West T. Hill

The West T. Hill Community Theatre was established in September 1980 by Dr. West T. Hill.

Originally named for our location, Danville, Ky., our group was later renamed in honor of our founder, Dr. West T. Hill, a former chairman of the Dramatic Arts Department at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

In April 2000, KET’s television program Kentucky Life profiled the 20th anniversary of the West T. Hill Theatre, paying homage to its founder:

West T. Hill Jr. loved drama and was devoted to the theater. He was a historian and scholar of the art form who in 1971 published The Theatre in Early Kentucky, 1790-1820. His book is the definitive source of information on that period, when hundreds of theatrical productions brought entertainment and culture to what was then America’s western frontier. But Hill was also a practitioner. Long after he retired from Centre College, and even after illness forced him to work from a wheelchair, he loved to produce and direct community theatre.

~Kentucky Life, Episode 403

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July 17-22, 10-3:00 CAMPCAUSEWELOVETOACT:  West T. Hill’s annual summer camp.  Campers learn the art of stagecraft and have a special showcase at the end of the week.  This summer is an “interim summer” with Ryan Moffett, Johanna Johnston, Ellie McKay and Alissa Klein from UPLIFT coming to help!  Ages 5-18.  Cost is $150, additional siblings:  $100

July 24-27, 6-9:00 P.M., MINI-CAMP FOR ADULTS:  Why should KIDS get to have all the fun?  If you’ve ever watched our kids’ camp performances with envy, you’re not alone, and here’s YOUR chance!  Our Irish UPLIFTERS will lead as WTHCT offers a 3-day summer theatre camp for adults!  Cost is $100.00

REGISTRATION FOR BOTH CAMPS:  12:00-2:00 P.M. the week of June 26th at West’s Wing on North Third Street.


Info:  karenlogue@hotmail.com